Yaskawa A10 Error: "EtherCAT DC Synchronization Error"

I occasionally get an alarm from Yaskawa Sigma-7 (and perhaps Sigma-V) drives. It often happens after I’ve been running a while, and then make a configuration change or restart the network, or recreate all the RSI objects (due to a configuration change/reset).

The Yaskawa manual says this about this alarm:

The EtherCAT communications state left the Operational state during motor operation.

Can you provide any more details what might cause a problem described in this way or at least what this error might signify?

Usually when I get it, I just power cycle the drives and move on. (It doesn’t usually happen again for a while.) I’ve recently gotten a report of it happening for a customer, which means it’s probably time for me to investigate further.

Hi @todd_mm ,

The Yaskawa is strongly objecting to the amp being enabled and potentially moving when the network dropped. This might be caused by a excessive jitter, a cable break, or an interruption of the process/node without respect to the state the Yaskawa is in. Any time you start a recovery/shutdown process, I’d use the Axis::Abort() function at least Axis::AmpEnableSet(false) before moving on. Not all nodes will care, but Yaskawa decided to add their own safety loops for situations like this. A shame it isn’t more easily cleared though.

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