What does the error ATTRIBUTE_INVALID mean (from MovePT)?

MovePT(...) is throwing an exception under certain conditions. The exception is

Text(Motion: attribute invalid :: {motion.c, line 12789} (Error 3845) (RSI::RapidCode::Impl::RapidCodeMotion::MovePT_PVT) (Object 7) (File …\source\rapidcodemotion.cpp) (Line 2482) (Version 8.3.1 for 04.04.02.RMP))
ShortText(Motion: attribute invalid :: {motion.c, line 12789

It looks like the data I’m sending it is reasonable (hold the same position, parallel arrays have correct/matching sizes, empty count:10, retain:no, last point:no).
Can you tell me what “attribute” it might be complaining about?

Hi Todd,

It looks like you’ve enabled Outputs but didn’t configure them. In this case, the Motion Attribute which is invalid is RSIMotionAttrMaskOUTPUT.

And by “enabled … but didn’t configure,” you mean that I called StreamingOutputsEnableSet(true) but didn’t call StreamingOutputAdd(...)?