What are these RMP Runtime Files?

I’ve observed some files that seem to get created by the RMP runtime.
For my own edification and so that I can make informed decisions, can you briefly explain what these files are for?




This might not get created, but I’m curious about how it’s used, and whether it may provide anything useful to me.


I could imagine all kinds of nice things about this, but I’d rather you just tell me what these are used for. (FWIW I found no reference to them in the docs.)

ZMP918.map is the file VM3.exe uses to associate names with memory addresses.

I only see bin*.bin under the ESI folder. I don’t know how they are used.

ms_xmp_nt.ini is for MotionScope, so it remembers some of your settings. IIRC you tried editing this file and it didn’t work out great. RapidScope (future project) will replace all this.

VMPlugin*.* are the dynamic libraries used by the Windows RapidSequencer (.dll) and real-time RapidSequencer (.rsl). We have a plugin architecture so that people can (eventually) add their own C++ functionality to be run by RapidSequencer. For things like complex vision or math algorithms which need to run as compiled C++. RapidSequencer - RSI

The bin*.bin files are files created during the ENI (topology) generation process. They can be safety deleted or left to speed up future ENI generations.

So, one question that you’ve answered is: are these things I need to keep track of?
I won’t track them in our version control software.

I noticed that the names correspond to the devices on the network. Out of curiosity, what are they?

I hacked MotionScope.ini with limited success. All the choices that the GUI presents are stored as numbers (i.e. enum values), so it took a fair amount of reverse engineering to be able to programmatically define traces the way I wanted. Plus, some things were just plain mysterious.

The 31 trace limit was what finally drove me away from using the tool for anything other than position and velocity.

ms_xmpp_nt.ini didn’t have much in it (It almost looked like something RapidSetup would use for customer “rebranding”) when I looked at it, but I haven’t used the scope for 10, so perhaps that’s why it’s almost completely empty.

Is ZMP918 a file that I need to keep/track or does it get generated at runtime?

You should keep/track it if you ever want/need to run VM3. It does not get generated at runtime.

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