UserLimit Conditions: GT

The documentation for setting user limit conditions mentions the various logic choices, but it doesn’t say which “way” the relational comparisons are performed.

Just to be sure, GT (greater than) is applied this way, right? (ADDRESS_VALUE is the dereferenced memory pointer, not the pointer value itself.)


It’s not


I’m seeing some odd behavior, and I want to make sure that I’m using the API correctly.

The first evaluation is correct:


We tested it in the office and the following setup worked like expected for us:
controller.UserLimitConditionSet(1, 0, RSIUserLimitLogic.RSIUserLimitLogicGT, y.AddressGet(RSIAxisAddressType.RSIAxisAddressTypeCOMMAND_POSITION), triggerPosition);

Can I ask what you are using for the address argument?

This is mostly a question pertaining to the documentation. It made some sense for the logical expression you described to be the expected behavior, but the docs were not explicit about it.

The real problem I was having is described in this post, but is (probably) not related to the relational operator this question is about.

I’ve already made a pull request to make the documentation more explicit about this.
I’ll consider this resolved and look into your other UserLimit posts.