User Limit Data Type

What is a user limit data type, or what does it tell you? The C++ API does not expose a way to set it, but I can choose one in RapidSetup. I presume that one of the other APIs set this (or that it is a deduced value).

I do see this in the User Limits documentation, under UserLimitConditionSet()

Decide the bits in an address which need to be used when comparing. Use 0xFFFFFFFF when all bits should be considered. ( only applicable when the Condition’s DataType is a 32-bit integer or bitmask)*

I am mildly troubled about this because (some of) the user limits I configure programmatically are displayed in RapidSetup as having an invalid data type.


You set the data type with UserLimitOutputSet's 2nd parameter. Invalid is the default RSIDataType which hasn’t be specifically assigned. UserLimits don’t have to be configured with Outputs. You can stick with actions or the other features of them.