Universality of Raw Encoder Position PDO?

In your opinion, how universal is it for the raw encoder position of a drive to be reported back to RMP as a PDO?

In other words, could I rely on this being present for most drives or is it something that only some drives really do? Of the 467 products listed in EtherCATNodeInfo.xml, only 47 of them have PositionActual entries. Now, a bunch of those are not drives, but I didn’t really have an easy way to count only drives.

It seems likely that RMP would always want actual position transferred by PDO, but that’s only a hunch. Can you give me some guidance?

It isn’t universal as there are some drives which do not support CSP (8) mode. It is the almost always present though. If it isn’t present you are going to be in a custom situation such as a VFD. The vast majority of products in EtherCATNodeInfo.xml are going to be Beckhoff IO devices which skews the numbers. You can find to find traditional drives. I see 50 of those and 47 blocks.

We do always want PositionActual exchanged if it is at all possible.

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