Streaming Outputs: Are there Troubleshooting Techniques?

[RMP 8.3.1]

I’m trying to verify that my code to stream outputs is working. (It isn’t quite working.)

My Issue

Turning it on seems to work fine. When I monitor the output in the firmware, I see it go high at the right time.

Turning it off doesn’t seem to work. I’m making the same API call (except that on_mask and off_mask have switched values). I’m not getting failures. The output never goes low.


How would you recommend troubleshooting a real-time scenario?

  • I don’t see any API functions to query anything about streaming outputs. Is there any way to figure out why an output didn’t turn on or off?
  • Is there something in the firmware I can watch?
  • Is the current motion ID available as an address I can plot with the scope?

You could perhaps use the USER_BUFFER to aid in debugging your issue.