Strategy for Two-Phase Network Start?

Two-Step Network Start

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RapidSetup gives you the power to discover, (generate a new ENI—not discussed here), and start.

Is there documentation regarding accomplishing this within RapidCode?


I would guess that that discovery would not attempt to make the network operational. In the API (NetworkStart()), I assume should I choose RSINetworkStartModePREOPERATIONAL as the start mode and RSINetworkStartupMethodPROBE_TOPOLOGY as the startup method. Is that correct?

Result / Errors?

How do I discern success/failure? Does in throw exceptions?

When I discover in RapidSetup, the state at the end of the operation is RSINetworkState_SHUTDOWN. I might have expected it to be RSINetworkState_PREOPERATIONAL, but I don’t really know what to expect.

What should I expect?

Network Start

For this, I assume that I need to set the startup method to RSINetworkStartupMethodNETWORK_ONLY and the start mode to RSINetworkStartModeOPERATIONAL.

Result / Errors?

Is checking the network state (against operational) sufficient for success? Will it throw exceptions?

We are looking into expanding the documentation. In the meantime see the network start helper function.

Correct, you should be using RSINetworkStartupMethodPROBE_TOPOLOGY for the start mode. However, RSINetworkStartModePREOPERATIONAL is not needed or desired here. Use RSINetworkStartModeOPERATIONAL

After probing you could check the node count.

RSINetworkState_SHUTDOWN is the expected state after discovery. You will find an “INITALIZE TO PREOPERATIONAL” button above the network start in Rapid Setup. That is what would get state to RSINetworkState_PREOPERATIONAL. Again, this isn’t needed in your case.

Network Start
Yes, assuming a valid ENI file is present.

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