Simultaneous Destructive SDO Operations

Yaskawa drives have a means of issuing a soft reboot via SDO. Whet the drive executes the command, it (of course) takes down the EtherCAT network. During early phases of setup, there are times when multiple drives need to be rebooted, but I can’t think of an easy way to do it without restarting the network after each one.

Do you have any ideas for a good way to guarantee that a set of specific SDO writes (one per node) takes place at the same time, before the network goes down?

Hi Todd,

The network going down prevents further commands from being sent out. I feel like you want the Yaskawa SDO software reset to have a delay before it drops the node.

The fastest way to do this would be to set all the parameters to the drives then pop a message to the user to power cycle the drives. The automated way is slower, but would involve the multiple network starts.

Sure, if I could command some sort of delay, that would give me the power I need. However, I don’t see that option in the Yakawa docs.

Power cycling all the drives is also a good way to accomplish this, but I cannot do that programmatically. It would be “nicer” if it could be done in the software, particularly for our tech support, who only have access to Windows.

The real answer to my question sounds like: “There’s no way to synchronize SDO writes so that they all happen on the same cycle.”