Should I have to specify all four stage velocities for all homing methods?

[RMP 8.3.1]
In particular:
RSIHomeMethodImprovedPOSITIVE_HOME_NEGATIVE_MOMENTUM and RSIHomeMethodImprovedNEGATIVE_HOME_POSITIVE_MOMENTUM. (The web app wouldn’t let me include them in the title—it kept telling me that the title was unclear and wouldn’t let me post.)

I’m getting complaints (i.e. exceptions) from Axis::Home(false) if I don’t set velocities for all four stages. In my case, I’m only going to be using stages 1 and 2. The RMP runtime rejects my attempt to home:

[Error] Error  : {RSI Error} ErrorNumber(1000000010)(RSI_AXIS_HOME_INVALID_HOME_SLOW_VELOCITY)
Text(RSI_AXIS_HOME_INVALID_HOME_SLOW_VELOCITY (Error 1000000010) (RSI::RapidCode::Impl::Axis::HomeParametersCheck) (Object 3) (File ..\..\source\axis.cpp) (Line 8937) (Version 8.3.1 for 04.04.02.RMP))

If I don’t set a velocity for stage 4, I get a similar exception.

Should I have to set these velocities? The method and argument to Home(...) should be enough information for the runtime to realize that it doesn’t need them, right?

I know I can call Axis::HomeVelocitySet(double) and avoid the problem, but I prefer to do Just Enough Configuration™ and this seems like needlessly incorrect behavior.

Thanks for the feedback. We will add it to the backlog.
I’d recommend using the solution you mentioned already for now.