Sample C# Code for using PROBE INput on Mitsubishi Servo Drive

I found sample code in the RMP Help files for using a PROBE input on a Panasonic Drive. Is there anything available showing how to configure and use the PROBE input on a Mitsubishi MR-J5 Drive using C#?

Hi @JadeMonro,

Welcome to Community and thank you for your post! We are working on getting some code snippets together to share with you shortly. Then we will post a sample app once we can fully test it on hardware.

Stay tuned!

Hi @JadeMonro,

We have created a MitsubishiTouchProbe Demo Application that I’ll send over to you shortly via email because I can’t upload it to community. Eventually we will publish the app on our sample apps page.

The application demonstrates how to configure, arm, check status, and retrieve latched position for Touch probes 1 2, and 3.

Thank You