Running remotely using Remote Desktop

If I remote desktop from home and try to run my RapidCode application I get a license file error (missing rsi.lic file), unless the application is already running. If it’s running and I restart I also get the error. One of our other developers remembers being able to remote successfully, but that may have been before the upgrade license handling that was introduced in 8.1.3 (I think). We are using a license dongle.
Curious if anybody has been able to successfully remote in with 8.1.3 and beyond.
A couple of other data points:

  1. It also fails running RapidSetup
  2. It fails remoting from another machine on the same LAN network, so it’s unrelated to using a WAN link.

This was a known bug that we fixed in version 8.1.4
You can always check if we’ve fixed any bugs in our changelog:

Thanks. We are still running 8.1.3 but looking at 8.1.5, so good to hear it’s fixed.