Restarting INtime programmatically

We are running RSI 8.1.6 how can we restart INtime programmatically like RapidSetup does? I don’t see an API for doing this.

There’s not an API for it that I know of.

We just invoke shell commands. Something like

nodemgr start NodeA

nodemgr.exe is an INtime utility. Here’s it’s help:

nodemgr start  nodename | -all  [-v] [-initinfo] [-r] [-silent] [-nostart]
nodemgr stop   nodename | -all  [-v] [-silent]
nodemgr list  [nodename | -all] [-v] [-silent]
nodemgr licinfo

The default install location for a 64-bit Windows install is: C:\Program Files (x86)\INtime\bin\nodemgr.exe

Hi guys,

Please use the RTOS class as a helper for starting/stopping nodes.

/// The %RTOS object represents the real-time operating system (INtime).
The RTOS/INtime object runs concurrently with a general-purpose operating system on a single hardware platform.
class RSI_API RTOS {

static INtimeStatus INtimeStatusGet();
static INtimeStatus INtimeStatusGet(const char nodeName);
static INtimeStatus INtimeStart();
static INtimeStatus INtimeStart(const char
static INtimeStatus INtimeStop();
static INtimeStatus INtimeStop(const char* nodeName);
static INtimeStatus INtimeRestart();
static INtimeStatus INtimeRestart(const char* nodeName);
static const char* INtimeCatalogRMPGet();
static const char* INtimeCatalogRMPNetworkGet();

static uint32_t INTimeNodeCountGet();
static const char* INTimeNodeNameGet(uint32_t nodeNumber);
static bool INTimeNodeIsLocal(uint32_t nodeNumber);