Replacement for MotionController::InitializationStateGet()

[RMP 10.5.1] [RMP 10.4.3]

I noticed that MotionController::InitializationStateGet() was removed in 10.5.1. I couldn’t find anything in the changelog that suggested an alternative, and I can’t (any longer?) find documentation about this function.

Was it replaced with something, or is there a more sensible way to retrieve this info? I had been using at startup to discern the initial state of things, with the hope of being able to better diagnose problems.

I was also using it when I load the RTA to verify that things are OK.

Hi @todd_mm ,

I think this was unintentionally removed during a big documentation commit at the end of the year. I’ll be looking into this and anything else that might have been lost at the time.

Hi @todd_mm,

I added the function back in. It should be available again in 10.5.2. It didn’t have any documentation. Its just a helper function which turns specific RSI Errors into a few select Enumerated errors.