Raw Jitter Data

[RMP 10.4.3] [INtime 6.4.21350.1]

INtime ships with a cool tool, “Graphical Jitter Display” which maintains a histogram of tick times. We use this as a performance metric.

Is there a way to capture “raw” jitter data (for analysis)?

If I want to measure “how bad” something is, I can only increase the bucket sizes so that there’s nothing in the “<” and “>” buckets, but then I lose the shape of the distribution curve for the bulk of the points. If I could get access to the actual values and do something with them, I imagine that would afford me more options for analysis.

It would also be useful if I could perform these jitter measurements programmatically.

Is there a way I can do something like this?

Hi @todd_mm,

If you use the Platform Assessment Tool (plateva.rta) You can click the gear to open Settings. Select Raw Data. That is the best we can do for you. Maybe select csv if you want to run your own evaluation.