RapidSetup 10.4.3 - Observations

We recently upgraded from 10.3.8 to 10.4.3. Here are some observations, FWIW.

Full Disclosure: I use RapidSetup as a troubleshooting tool, and not as the means by which we run RMP.

  • Network I/O
    • This is a great idea. I like having everything in one place.
    • I like the one-click state toggling.
    • The columns are barely resizable. At least, I cannot resize a category, so resizing individual columns doesn’t provide much benefit.
      • Maximizing the window only helps a little.
    • Hiding columns: very useful.
      • I would sort of expect the other (visible) columns grow horizontally, but this doesn’t happen.
        • I tried this hoping to increase column size so I could see (and distinguish long names), but it wasn’t helpful.
    • Filtering
      • The filtering is also an excellent idea.
      • The filter string looks to be a series of required words, joined with a logical AND (requiring all of them).
        • It seems more useful for this list of words were logically OR’d together.
          • I would guess that people would want to filter IN I/O points with different names/keywords rather than filtering out more nodes.
        • Another option would be to allow logical operators in the search string (though that might not appeal to many customers, IDK)
      • The filter string is not (re-)applied when you restart the network. What I typed in still appears in the text entry box, but it isn’t applied. I have to change the value to get it to apply.
        • It would be OK if you cleared the value and didn’t apply any filter, too. The current behavior just seems wierd.
      • The text entry is very small, though there’s a lot of room for it to be longer. Perhaps you weren’t expecting long strings (sensible).
  • I/O nodes can be renamed: This is very useful to me, since we usually need to distinguish between them by some means quicker than node order.
    • The names do not seem to persist between invocations of RapidSetup.
      • The names of the individual I/O points persist, but not the names of the I/O nodes (in the navigation portion of the window on the left).
    • It seems like I can rename Axis nodes via the API and have the names persist. It would be cool if this worked for I/O nodes in the same way. I could live with restrictions, like max 16 or 32 chars. Anything to allow me to label things for quick and unambiguous distinction would be good enough.
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Hello Todd,

Thank you very much for your detailed and organized message. We are currently developing a multi-OS application: RapidSetupX. I will consider all your suggestions.

Thank you

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