Programmatic Node Configuration

[INtime 6][INtime 7]

Is there a way to programmatically configure INtime (nodes)? I’d like to be able to automate installation/configuration, but I’m not sure how to do it.
Can you point me in the right direction?


The INtime runtime ships with the Local Node Configuration Library (INtime SDK Help). We use this internally to set up new systems, so I expect you should be able to use it to configure almost everything.

The headers, linking libraries, and runtime libraries should be located at “%INTIME%/nt/include”, “%INTIME%/nt/lib”, and “%INTIME%/bin” respectively. Keep an eye out for the 64 bit LNC files if you are building for 64 bit.

Let me know how this works out.


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Does the runtime (e.g. the files you host on the portal) ship with this? I don’t see any of those directories on my machine running 6.4.21350.1.

It should be part of the runtime distribution. I can find the directory on our test agent with the slightly newer version 6.4.22130.2.

To confirm/expand that path, you’re looking in “C:\Program Files (x86)\INtime\nt\include”, correct?