Kollmorgen's AKD2G Gantry Mode

Hello RSI,

I am curious to know if RSI currently supports Kollmorgen’s AKD2G’s Dual Axis built-in Gantry mode.
The EtherCAT network cannot be started when I have axis2 set to gantry- I believe RapidSetup is attempting to configure axis2 as an independent axis which upsets the servo and faults the entire network. I was able to get it working by modifying the ESI files for akd2g and duplicating the single axis node to the dual axis node, just killing the second axis.
Is there an elegant way or a setting of some sort to achieve the above? Or a setting that I am unaware of to tell RSI that the servo is in gantry.

Thanks in advance!

As a side note: For this application, we would like the least amount of latency so we want the gantry to be synced by the servo rather than EtherCAT.

Hi Ahmed,

I’m surprised that you can’t start the network when it is so configured. I’m going to look into this and get back to you.