How to avoid popup on power-cycling EtherCAT

When we power-cycle the EtherCAT network, we get a dialog that pops up from RMPnetwork.rta saying “A fault occurred”, and we have to click “Ignore Exception” to make it go away, even though we can restart the EtherCAT network once it’s powered up again, even with that dialog still showing.
Is there a way to avoid that popup, or at least to dismiss it programmatically?

This should never happen. What version?

RSI 8.1.3
INtime 6.2.17050.2

Can you confirm if the same problem exists in 8.1.5? There was an additional fix in 8.1.4.

We will be upgrading to 8.1.5 this week and will let you know if the problem is resolved.

It looks like 8.1.5 resolved this problem.


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