How do I configure the brake release dedicated output for Yaskawa Sigma-5 and Sigma-7?

I want to pay attention to the brake release output of the Yaskawa drives (so that I can control the brake without wiring it directly to the drive).

When I’m configuring I/O for the drive, I check each of the dedicated items, including RSIMotorDedicatedOutBRAKE_RELEASE, to see if the drive (implementation in RMP) “supports” them or not. When I call Axis::DedicatedOutExists(...), it returns false.

I know the drive supports mapping brake release to one of its general outputs. However, I’m curious about this dedicated output. Can I configure something in NodeInfo.xml to capture the state of this?

Hi Todd,

The Dedicated Inputs and Outputs are largely a legacy aspect of SynqNet the previous bus technology we used extensively. We do map in DedicatedInputs Home, Positive, and Negative Limits as they are well defined and commonly used in the DS402 standard status word.

We haven’t established any pattern to associate Dedicated Outputs (or more Dedicated Inputs) with NodeInfo.xml. It could be developed in a new release for them. It would be a bit more involved for Dedicated Outputs rather than more Inputs as we’d need to update the axis that such a feature exists.

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