How do I clear this fault

After a shutdown or software error we reset our system and most of the time everything works fine. However, in some situations we get the following error from one of the servo axis
Error executing command HomeToIndex on ZL axis to 300 mm at 5 mm/s : AKD ASCII engine firmware is already doing something (Error 1000000024) (RSI::RapidCode::Impl::RapidCodeNetworkNode::AKDASCIICommand) (Object 13) (File …\…\source\rapidcodenetworknode.cpp) (Line 646) (Version 8.1.5 for 04.04.02.RMP)

Is there some RSI call we need to make in our reset code that will clear this problem. We currently delete the existing controller and recreate the Motion Controller object with a call the CreateFromSoftware and reinitialize everything.


If it isn’t just a matter of waiting for the last command to complete, it sounds like the ASCII channel is hung on something. The Ascii channel is a part of our service channel which is created with the Network. We don’t have any reset calls setup for it I’m afraid. A Network Shutdown and restart would be a less involved way to recover.