Homing Methods: Home Switch

The DS402 Homing page has a lot of useful information about homing methods.

However, it doesn’t clearly distinguish between some methods. For example,

  • RSIHomeMethodRISING_HOME (19)

What direction does RISING_HOME start in? Is it otherwise different than 23 or 29?

Also, the doc referred to describes method 24, but that method (RSIHomeMethodRISING_HOME_FROM_NEGATIVE_SIDE_POSITIVE_START) is commented out in rsi.h. Is it essentially the same as 23 (RSIHomeMethodRISING_HOME_POSITIVE_START)?

To be fair, the DS402 documentation that I have doesn’t provide a lot more detail about these methods, but I need to be able to choose the correct one for my application.

Rising_Home (19) assumes that the Home Switch is Active all the way to the Positive Limit. I can therefore determine the correct direction to go based on the active status of the home limit. You can see this in the image provided.

23 and 29 on the other hand assume a limit that you could find yourself on either side of. Thus the initial search direction might be valuable to save time. It is often the case that customer will place mount said limit switch near the positive or negative limit. Thus you can save time seeking it.

(23 and 24), (25 and 26), (27 and 28), and (29 and 30) are all pairs that operated the exact same in our implementation. We commented out the more wordy of the each pair.

So does the illustration in the doc (labelled for method 24) adequately describe 19? The second movement profile doesn’t start in “the positive direction” (23/24).