Homing Limit Actions

I’m trying to home an axis using the custom config set (RMP 8.1.3) and a “negative” home switch (RSIHomeMethodNEGATIVE_LIMIT).
Shortly after (0.75 sec) I invoke Axis::Home(), I get an exception:

Error during homing: Expected STOPPED state but didn’t reach it. Homing requires Home/Hardware Limit actions set to STOP. (Error 1000000031) (RSI::RapidCode::Impl::Axis::HomeMoveToSwitch) (Object 0) (File …\source\axis.cpp) (Line 8113) (Version 8.1.3 for 04.04.02.RMP)

I’ve called HomeBehaviorSet, HomeActionSet, HardwareNegLimitActionSet, and HardwarePosLimitActionSet with r::RSIActionSTOP, but it still complains.

Which limit action do I still need to set?

What was the state of the axis at the time of the exception? Can you watch the progress in RapidSetup to see what’s happening?

Position Error

Should I set that to stop or none?

We always recommend ABORT for position error, for safety. Any idea why you are getting a position error?

I don’t really know. Since we normally command points (not using RMP to plan motion), we usually set this to NONE or it croaks pretty soon after moving.
In the case of homing, IDK what’s happening under the covers.

Ok, to disable you can either set a larger trigger value or set the action to NONE.