Home Action: Does it apply to ALL stages or only some?

The action that I give to Axis::HomeActionSet(…) is used in homing (I’m using methods RSIHomeMethodImprovedNEGATIVE_HOME_POSITIVE_MOMENTUM and RSIHomeMethodImprovedPOSITIVE_HOME_NEGATIVE_MOMENTUM in this case, and setting the action to RSIActionTRIGGERED_MODIFY), but is it used for all stages?

For example, I’m seeing that after the back-off move (stage 2) the axis is in the STOPPED state.
Should I expect this?

I think you want to use HomeBehaviorSet() Instead.

Axis::HomeActionSet() Sets what the home limit will do if that limit switch is hit while not homing.
HomeBehaviorSet() Set what limit will be used when the same limit switch is hit during master based homing and can only be STOP or TRIGGER_MODIFY

Internally while we do master-based homing, we save your action the overwrite it with the behavior then restore the action once complete with homing.

The documentation could be more clear. I will make some improvements.

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