Flexible topology or Hot Connect

Hello team,
We have a customer who is considering building a machine with a tool changer. This tool changer would require us to disconnect and connect Ethercat nodes while the rest of the network is running.
These “hot connect” nodes is placed last in our line topology.
These “hot connect” nodes can be uniquely identifiable (hardware DIP switch adress).

At this stage we are just investigating, and would appreciate any input. Is it doable today, is it on the roadmap, or is it something we can’t expect to achieve?


Dynamic networks isn’t currently possible on the fly. You would need to restart your network each time the topology changed. That might not be required though. Could you just associate different IO with the function of each equipped tool head? Why would they need to be different nodes?

Hi Jesper,
I sent you an email earlier. I’ve moved this post to Suggestions. We have added your request to our roadmap and will investigate the HotConnect functionality. In the meantime, please email with answers to my questions.