Error Limit Interrupt while in Velocity Profile mode?

If I have configured an axis to generate a position error interrupt and switch to velocity profile mode, what behavior should I expect regarding the interrupt?

Anecdotally, it looks like shortly after I enable (perhaps enough time has elapsed for the typical jitter, in motor actual position while servo arm is on, changes the reported position), I’m seeing the LIMIT_ERROR interrupt come in.

What behavior should I expect?

If you’ve switched the drive to Mode of Operation Velocity Profile (3), then the only effect I would expect would be changes to the Control Word such as Disable or Abort. You are mostly using your Drive as the Controller at that point.

The ErrorLimitAction would determine the behavior.

Does the error limit action govern whether or not an interrupt is generated? It seemed like I saw that the action was None and an interrupt was still generated.

It’s also the case that this axis is in a multi axis that is having motion streamed to it (not that it’s paying any attention to that; it’s still in the multi axis because I didn’t want to break up the multi axis every time we switch modes).

Here’s a MWE.

When I start streaming motion, I get 1 or more RSI::RapidCode::RSIEventTypeLIMIT_ERROR interrupts/events come in, then they quit.

Using RSI directory: 'c:\path\to\RSI\'
Target Axis #3
Interrupt Thread Started: 20020
LIMIT_ERROR on axis #3
LIMIT_ERROR on axis #3