Enabled MultiAxis with One Axis Disabled: Is this Possible?

[RMP 10.3.4]

Consider this scenario.

The multi axis has 8 axes in it. It is enabled. All but 1 of the axes within it are enabled. Axis 7 is disabled.

Should this ever be possible? I was under the assumption that as soon as any dependent axis in the multi axis was disabled, it would propagate to the other axes.
On this machine, it stayed like this for 10-20 seconds before something else caused the multi axis to disable.

I would have expected such a quick response from the multi axis—propagating the fault to the other axes—that I wouldn’t have been able to take a screen shot.

Are there scenarios in which the propagation shouldn’t happen?

The error propagation should happen in all scenarios.

Axis 7 is not only disabled, it’s in an error state (hence the red color), so it should propagate. (Disabling does not propagate, only the actions (STOP, ESTOP, ABORT,etc.) propagate.)

Is there any chance RapidSetup is showing a stale mapping of the MultiAxis? Is it possible that your software wrote a seven-axis mapping to the same MultiAxis index? This would only be possible if RapidSetup was opened before the motion started when there was an eight-axis mapping.

When did you open RapidSetup to get the screenshot, before or after motion?

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I wouldn’t swear that the view isn’t stale. I was hunting down a myriad of problems, and when I noticed this, it created enough cognitive dissonance that I asked the question.

“Shouldn’t happen.”

Next time, I’ll make sure that multi-axis membership is good.