Download Links for Current (and Previous) Versions

Hypothetically, if I wanted to get the most recent version(s) of RMP and INtime runtimes, how would I go about it?

  • The announcement emails don’t contain any links that I can find.
  • The website doesn’t have any links that I can find.
  • The (licensing) portal doesn’t contain any links that I can find.
  • Are there other places I should have looked?

It would be nice (from my perspective) if there was some way that I could obtain these things (and even some historical versions) without having to request specific things all the time.


Yes, the current process is for you to ask RSI and we send you the requested release.

We are planning is to include the download links in the portal.

Re: Download Links on Portal

This sounds like a very reasonable solution that will do what I need. I sometimes don’t know which version(s) to ask for, so it is sometimes nice to be able to see some options.