Default HomeDistanceTravel?

[RMP 8.1.3]

I want to home to a network input. I’ve configured the homing parameters, similar to customEtherCATHome.cpp. The triggering I/O is coming from a Beckhoff DI8.

When I initiate the homing sequence, it travels a short distance, then throws an exception:

Error during homing: RSI_AXIS_HOME_FAILED_TO_REACH_DESIRED_STATE_OF_SWITCH (Error 1000000014) (RSI::RapidCode::Impl::Axis::HomeMoveToFromSwitch) (Object 0) (File …..\source\axis.cpp) (Line 8217) (Version 8.1.3 for 04.04.02.RMP)

I adapter customEtherCATHome.cpp for my particular axis, network input and see the same behavior.

I can trigger the input, but it errors out before I do.

This sounds like it could be related to HomeDistanceTravel, but I haven’t configured any. Is there a default? Is there a way to get the configured value? Is there a way to explicitly clear the value, so as not to use it?

Is this error related to something else?

Can you log the homing and send the results? Use this sample to see how to generate the log file:

Also, what is the state/source of the Axis when you get the exception? If another input (not the home) is causing at STOP action, that could be the problem.

FYI: If I change the HomeTravelDistance to something really big, I don’t see this issue.

Is there a way to reset the HomeTravelDistance value? After changing it for a test, I now can’t “unconfigure” it, so it’s staying large. I tried restarting the INtime node, but it seems to have retained whatever value/state was last there.

Is it writing to an SDO on the drive? Do I need to power cycle the drive to clear it? (I was hesitant to do this because of the other things that will lose power if I cycle the drive.)

The HomeTravelDistance is only an internal Axis class variable - it is not written to RMP memory. The default value is 0 and the Max Travel should only be evaluated if HomeTravelDistance is > 0. The home logging should give us more detail on if/how HomeTravelDistance is being used.

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After fooling with the value, various levels of restarting, and power cycling, I am unable to reliably reproduce the symptoms I described above.