Cmdline Utility to Get the RMP Serial Number

For the sake of licensing, it would be a Very Useful Thing™ to us if we could retrieve the RMP serial number using a tool (that could be automated).

I wrote a C++ app that creates the MotionController object and then calls SerialNumberGet(), but the behavior I’ve observed has some real limitations.

  • If there’s already an invalid license file in the dir, it will fail to create the object, and I cannot get the real serial number.
  • On at least half of the unlicensed machines I run it on, it still fails to get the serial number, returning 1 as the serial.
  • It requires INtime to be licensed.
  • It requires the RTA to be loadable/loaded.

Are these requirements necessary for licensing? It is happening in the RTOS/RTA or in Windows? If it’s in windows, it would be nice if there were a windows utility that didn’t have the overhead (and points of failure) that invoking and using the RTOS/RTA has.