Beckhoff 9510 revision 00120000 missing from "Beckhoff EL9xxxx.xml" file

In the “ESI\Beckhoff EL9xxx.xml” file it doesn’t support the 00120000 revision of the Beckhoff 9510 (it only has the 00100000 and the 00110000 revisions), so we manually add the following:

EL9510 90 System Inputs Inputs #x1a00 Status Uo #x6000 1 1 Power OK BOOL #x6000 2 1 Overload BOOL 2048 0401000000000000

right after the entry for the 00110000 revision.

Thanks @patrick. Beckhoff periodically updates hardware (and hardware revisions) so the latest .ESI files is needed from the Beckhoff site. We’ll add this to our Scrumban and provide a fix for RMP 8.1.6 release.

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We periodically update the ESI files which distribute. If you have Beckhoff hardware which is newer than the ones included for your version, you can download the latest here.

We ran into the same issue last week with a Beckhoff EL2124 revision 0x120000 and sure enough the updated XML file was in the location you referenced, so thank you for that.

How often does the install get updated with these latest files? Before I looked at the download location I tried the latest install that I had (8.3.1) thinking it would have the latest but it didn’t.

Hi patrick,

In the past, we only irregularly updated the Beckhoff ESI files. Typically once or twice a year. Most vendors are less inclined to create scores of revisions for hardware that basically acts the same.

Going forward, I intend to check for updates at release time about once a month.


Sounds good. Beckhoff do seem revision crazy!