"An unexpected error has occurred in RapidSetup"

We generally use the zip archive of RMP. I “upgraded” (replaced the RSI directory) a customer from 8.x to 10.4.3, and when I try to start RapidSetup, Windows complains.

If I install the 10.4.3 MSI, then any attempt to start RapidSetup works (from any location). If I uninstall RapidSetup (via MSI), then attempting to invoke RapidSetup from the “updated” directory (not the MSI install target), fails with the same error.

This seems like a missing software dependency, but I can’t tell from the error info. What did the MSI do/undo that made a difference?

I didn’t notice the MSI install installing any bundled runtimes or anything. I was hoping that it would tell me what it was doing, but the GUI didn’t provide any such info.
I looked in the install logs (created using msiexec /i RMP_10.4.3.msi /lxv* path\to\log\file), but I didn’t perceive (totally subjective on my, uneducated, part) anything that seemed like something RapidSetup would need.


It is possible that the msi is setting the system path.
You may need to add your new directory to the system path.

Would that change something for RapidSetup.exe when I launch it from the directory its normally in? (I can only speculate at the moment, because the problem is only happening on a customer machine.)

I’ll have to ask around regarding that error message.

We try to keep the MSI installer as lightweight as possible:

  • a desktop shortcut for RapidSetup
  • a registry setting for “RSIFolder” in Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\RSI
  • a merge module for “Visual C++ 2019 x64 Runtime” (aka Microsoft_VC142_CRT_x64.msm)

I will suggest to also try this: