Adding an EnDat module

Hello team,
I’m using version 10.5.0.
I’m trying to implement an EL5031-0011 module, it is a 1-channel encoder interface, EnDAT-2.2. Product code: 0x13A73052.
I have a simple hardware setup with one EK1100 and this EL5031-0011 module.
The node is correctly identified in RapidSetup but I get some errors when I try to start the network. I get the same errors independent if I try to Init to Preoperational or if I “Start network”.
I attach the errors as a screenshot.

If I switch my EtherCAT master to TwinCAT the network starts fine to OP. I’m using the same hardware. I don’t know if it is useful to you but I have exported the EtherCAT configuration from TwinCAT. The configuration xml is available here:

The ESI file for this device is available here:

Do you have any pointers to what I need to alter?

Hi @Jesper

The error here is a timeout associated with an InitCmd that is a part of the ESI file. You’ll need to strip it out in order to startup correctly. I’m going to email you a modified EtherCAT.xml file which you can try.

Thanks a lot a Jacob. The xml file you supplied works great.