A small but useful update to the Installer

The RSI installer works very well but there is one small improvement that would make it even better. When adding the RapidSetup icon to the desktop include the version number, e.g. “RapidSetup 8.1.3” instead of “RapidSetup”. The reason why this is useful is that we often have two versions of the software on the system, the one we are currently using, say 8.1.3 and one we are evaluating, say 8.1.5. When 8.1.5 is installed it overwrites the current RapidSetup icon if we have forgotten to rename it first, and this can lead to issues when the production people run RapidSetup and expect it to run the version we are currently using.

Thanks. I’ll run it by the team tomorrow morning and let you know.

Hi @patrick. We’re in the process of making changes to our WiX installer to accommodate your request. We will be able to implement this change in our next RMP release (8.1.6).

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