0x607C/0/4 Home Offset and Drive-Based Homing

The homing docs briefly mention home offset, without describing its behavior.

In the DSP 4.0.2 document I have, I see this description.

However, when I set this (via SDO) during a drive-based homing operation, I see no difference in behavior as to where the home position is (I’m setting the value to multiples of a quarter of a revolution and looking at the spindle orientation) or what’s being reported as zero.

I was hoping to see that the raw home position (I’m homing to the index pulse) now reported something other than what it reported when there is no home offset. This is not what I’ve observed. I thought perhaps I might see that the home position was in a different (physical) place and that the spindle orientation would differ after homing was complete. This is also not what I’ve observed.

In fact, I can’t tell that this setting changes anything when I home.

What should I expect from any generic drive that implemented this feature in a sensible way?

You should expect the behavior you desired and shared documentation of.
Perhaps there might be a SDO for enabling/disabling the feature though I would not expect that.
What servo drive are you using?

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I (believe) I tested this on both a CTB MAS D3 and a Sigma-7. My tests weren’t very thorough, so I won’t argue with anyone that suggests I might have tested (or remembered) it incorrectly.

Thanks for setting my expectations, though.