(Feature Request) PDO/Network Data: Filter and Select Display Data Type

It would be cool for the network data page of RapidSetup if:

  • You could filter for one or more names and have the others (temporarily) hidden
    • I frequently find myself in the position of monitoring 3+ PDOs whose values are of similar scale, but I’m unable to group them together (because they belong to different nodes), and it would be nice if I could filter out noise.
  • You could explicitly set the data type for the value (perhaps similar to dec/hex selection)
    • Signed, negative numbers would be human-readable.

They seem like good features. I will add them to our tracked tasks for September.

Hello Todd,

We have added a filter and pin functionality to the PDO tables. It will be available in our next release (not available in today’s release 10.3.1)

The data type feature might take some more time, we will keep you updated.



Sweet! Thanks.

It might be hard to see the value in this example, but when you have more network I/O than will fit in the view, filtering and pinning will help immensely.

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